RFC7159 — The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
Data Interchange Format

The official version of RFC7159 may be retrieved from: http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc7159.txt.

This site contains an HTML version of the specification, which many find more readable than the IETF’s official fixed-width-ASCII format. It is maintained by Tim Bray and, while this is an accurate copy of the RFC, the site has no official standing. My thanks to Julian Reschke for help in generating the HTML.

History and context

“This document’s goal is to apply the errata, remove inconsistencies with other specifications of JSON, and highlight practices that can lead to interoperability problems.”

The most interesting and useful parts of this document, in my opinion, may be viewed quickly by doing an in-browser search for the string “interop”.

Readers may also find Specifications of JSON instructive; it’s a section of RFC7159 that outlines all such documents that have enjoyed the blessing of one standards organization or another. However, that section omits the admirably brief and clear JSON.org, the face JSON first showed to the world.

This particular document was constructed during the course of 2013 by the members of the IETF JSON Working group. They worked hard, have my gratitude, and (if you care about JSON) deserve yours.